Five Types Of Cyberattacks You Must Defend Against

The proliferation of cyberattacks is hard to ignore, and it’s something our own company faces. Each day, 100,000 people use our VPN product to safely connect to the internet, and in that same 24-hour period, we block 1 million malware attempts to inflict harm on our users. That number is staggering, and it’s scary. Fifteen years ago, that figure numbered in the thousands. It means that on average, each user, often unknowingly, encounters 10 attempts by criminals to glean sensitive information.

These are cases where users inadvertently click a link that could send them to a website whose host is seeking opportunities to place vicious software onto their machine. Or users click an advertisement, unaware that the person who placed the ad seeks to steal their private data.

We read about attacks in the news all of the time, but there are five types of cyberattacks in particular you should be aware of. Knowing the threat helps you defend against it. There are pitfalls everywhere you look on the public space we call the internet.

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Nineveh Madsen