Why The Wrong VPN Is More Dangerous Than No VPN

When it comes to cybersecurity, you may think you’re doing everything right, but there's a chance you could still be exposing yourself to an incredible degree of risk.

How? If your data protection/cybersecurity plan includes the use of the wrong VPN, you could be unwittingly putting yourself in a much worse position than if you had no protection plan at all. I believe bad cybersecurity is much worse than no cybersecurity at all, and the best intentions in the world can still leave you and your company at risk if you don’t do your due diligence.

The Most Common Online Security Mistakes

Most of us understand that ignoring the risk isn’t an option in today’s world, but there are still plenty of people who neglect their security when they should be following up. They may have a basic security system in place, but they fail to update their software, set up firewalls, choose a reputable VPN provider and secure access to their network. If this is you, you’re setting yourself up for trouble by leaving open holes in your security for hackers and malware to slip through.

Other people implement security measures but fail to have a data backup plan. Still more overlook the risks of using cloud-based services without protection or using public Wi-Fi without encryption.

These are all good ways to set yourself and your organization up for trouble.

But even worse may be when an individual or organization chooses a VPN in good faith, thinking they’ve set in place an encryption process that will protect their data and online security but unknowingly puts their data at greater risk by choosing a disreputable VPN provider.

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Nineveh Madsen